The beginning of the story…

So, I have officially completed my first week at university. I think I deserve to give myself a pat on the back and a glass of wine.

Personally, the easiest way to describe adapting to university life is to say it is overwhelming. I have never felt such an array of emotions in such a short period of time. Just as I was beginning to get used to some familiar faces in and around my halls, the first day of uni came. Walking into the first day of university is again another obstacle that everybody who joins has to overcome. I must admit nerves take over on this day, the same thoughts ran through my head again. Am I excited? What if nobody likes me? (A personal one) I hope no-one mistakes my resting bitch face for a real bitch. We all sat, trying not to wipe the permanent smile off our faces. A permanent smile his is not natural we all know it, yet we all do it when meeting new people. We sat we listened, then comes the inevitable forced socialising, which lets face it we all wait for, as ultimately this is apparently how you make friends! Unfortunately I have never made a friend this way, I wish it was that easy. Little tip, want to make friends at uni? Invite them for a drink! Most students will not refused a chance to drink alcohol and make new friends. It worked for me (to some extent anyway).

Now to the daunting part of the fact you have actually signed the next three or (for me) four years of your life away to study! I must add I did this very willingly. After all I’m studying Fashion Contour, so being surrounded in all things lingerie for four years is more of a dreamland for me. However my first lecture left me with a large headache and a rumbling stomach. A three month summer did not prepare my head to absorb as much information as necessary the first day, even though we are being eased in very gently. Many new things to adapt to. Firstly, on day one I took a notebook and a pen. This is ok if this is your own personal style of learning, however my hand could not keep up with the lecture. Also by handwriting notes, if like me a fast scribble is all you can manage, you the have to type it up when you get home. This has pros and cons, pros being you are able to digest the information again and create a greater understanding. Cons being there is a large work load, adding typing up notes onto the ‘To Do list” is not helping stress levels. So I learnt quickly that taking my laptop to lectures was a must. To add to this I did not prepare for hunger. A rumbling stomach in a rather quiet room does tend to draw attention.So.. Another tip, Do not go to a lecture hungry it is not worth the extra time in bed.

Equipment. The dreaded word of any art/fashion student (well for me anyway). A very expensive kit list. Completely necessary items, many exciting to shop for (e.g colouring pencils and paints). However my bank account did not appreciate all of these items. Trying to source all of these individual/specialist items was a lesson in itself. I soon found going to one shop was not going to be suffice. But this helped me as I had to search for different items in different places, which helped me familiarise myself with where I could source things. Little tip, gradually buy equipment for uni through the summer if you can!



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